About SunPath Ltd - Vehicle Service Contract Administrator

SunPath is committed to providing broad, useful and competitively-priced automotive protection products such as Vehicle Service Contracts which are commonly known as an "Extended Warranty" to meet our customers' ever-changing needs.


We offer outstanding coverage and build customer confidence that they have the best protection available.


We use the most modern technology in our call center to assure that all of our customers are treated with the best care possible.


Our delivery on these commitments is what distinguishes us from our competitors. With great products comes great service.

Our Vision

SunPath is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Our vehicle service contract products are superior and offer the finest and most comprehensive coverage available at a competitive price. (more . . .)

Our Values

With excellent coverage programs and our qualified employees SunPath provides service that gives customers confidence and satisfaction.

We value knowing that our customers are being cared for and that they have superior protection in which they can rely on. (more . . .)

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