Make Your Car Last Longer With These Vehicle Care Tips

5 tips to keep your car on the road longer and looking better.

Don’t Wait To Touch Up Paint Nicks

Touch-up paint will not adhere well to rust. Be sure to keep some matching touch-up paint handy and touch up any minor nicks before any rust has a chance to form.

Check and Change Spark Plugs

With electronic ignition and on-board computers the need for regular tune-ups has dissipated, but you still need to change your spark plugs. Refer to your owner’s manual to find the recommended maintenance interval to ensure good fuel mileage and engine performance.

Maintain The Timing Belt

A failed timing belt can, depending on engine type, cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your engine. To prevent damage change the belt at the recommended interval in the manual.

Don’t Mix Colors

Avoid mixing coolants that are different in color. If your coolant is pink, don’t add a green formulation to it. You may end up with a thick solution that won’t do its job. Check you owner’s manual and use only the recommended coolant listed.

Check Power-Steering Fluid Regularly

Be sure to check the power-steering fluid once a month with the car warmed up. For low levels, be sure to have a mechanic inspect for any leaks. Be sure to use the power-steering fluid recommended for your vehicle.

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