Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer

Summer can typically be the roughest season on your vehicle. The added heat can cause heavy stress to the various systems, which may lead to failures and breakdowns. Here are some tips to keep your vehicle going this summer while minimizing the repairs.

Cooling System Flush

This maintenance is important as residue, rust, metal particles, etc., will clog up your system which reduces its effectiveness. This can leave to your engine overheating and cause very expensive repairs or total engine failure.

Battery Test

A bad battery will not hold the proper charge especially in traffic on a hot day, which can leave you stranded. Be prepared by having your battery tested and replaced if necessary. Visit a local repair shop or auto parts store to have the battery tested.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Change the oil and transmission fluid and replace the filters. Also, check the belts, hoses, and tires. Regular maintenance can prevent many breakdowns from occurring.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Remember to take care of your car's finish. Wash the vehicle regularly to preserve the finish. Apply wax and sealant to protect the paint from the sun and weather conditions.

Check your headlights, which can become cloudy and won't operate as well. A headlight repair, cleaner and restoration kit will return cloudy headlights to like new condition.

AC System Check

Air Conditioning is a must have during the summer months. Have a repair shop perform an A/C system check to see if it is leaking and schedule a fix before you are without air conditioning when you need it.

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