SunPath VSC - Frequently Asked Questions

The most often-asked questions by SunPath Vehicle Service Contract holders.

Where can I have my vehicle repaired?

You may have your vehicle repaired at any licensed repair facility of your choice. You are responsible to make sure that the repair facility calls SunPath prior to repairing your vehicle at 888-990-7786.

I've been given an approval number for a repair. How long is the approval valid?

Approved claims are valid for 180 days. Please submit your paperwork promptly after the repairs are completed.

How long does reimbursement take?

Once all required documentation is received, reimbursement checks are processed within 48 hours.

What types of parts do you use for repairs?

Depending on availability replacement parts may be new, used, remanufactured, or aftermarket.

Who do I pay my deductible to?

You make your deductible payment to your repair facility directly. Your deductible amount can be found on the Declaration Page of your Service Contract. One deductible applies per claim no matter how many items are repaired.

What happens if my repair facility does not want to accept my service contract plan?

Most repair facilities accept SunPath service contract plans. Please ask your repair facility to contact SunPath with any questions SunPath relies on industry standard-pricing guides for parts and labor. SunPath pays all claims directly to the repair facility by Credit Card or Check.

Can I get a rental vehicle while my repairs are being performed?

Rental reimbursement is available on approved claims. Please find your rental terms and conditions outlined in your Service Contract Plan.

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