SunPath Complete Care

gear shift auto warranty

SunPath’s value plan. A wide array of options with a focus on your vehicle’s most critical components.

Secure Advantage

mechanic car warranty

Our premium offering. Plans with a superior level of coverage for most vehicle components.

SunPath Horizon

shifter warranty

SunPath’s ultimate coverage. Comparable to your manufacturer’s new car warranty.

SunPath Mileage Plus

mechanic service contract

SunPath’s high mileage solution. Specifically designed to keep high mileage vehicles on the road.


Prepare Your Car for Summer Driving

washer fluid

Summer can typically be the roughest season on your vehicle. The added heat can cause heavy stress to the various systems, which may lead to failures and breakdowns.

Save Money at the Pump

tire change

With national gas prices on the rise, who wouldn’t want to put a little extra cash back in their own pocket?

Vehicle Care Tips

oil change

5 tips to keep your car on the road longer and looking better.

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