SunPath Vehicle Service Contract Plans

SunPath offers a variety of plans to cover both newer and older vehicles at price points to fit every consumer's budget.

Click on the links below to explore SunPath's Vehicle Service Contract Plan Options:

SunPath Complete Care

SunPath's value plan. A wide array of options with a focus on your vehicle's most critical components.

> Complete Care has 5 coverage level options--Click for more details.

SunPath Secure Advantage

SunPath's premium offering. Plans with a superior level of coverage for most vehicle components.

> Secure Advantage has 4 coverage level to fit every budget.

SunPath Horizon

SunPath's ultimate coverage. Comparable to your manufacturer's new car warranty.

> Click to find out how SunPath Horizon protects your vehicle.

SunPath Mileage Plus

SunPath's high mileage solution. Specifically designed to keep high mileage vehicles on the road.

> Have a higher mileage vehicle? Click to find out how Mileage Plus can protect you.

Additional SunPath Vehicle Service Contract Benefits

All SunPath Service Contracts come with Complimentary Roadside Assistance and various other benefits.

> Explore the benefits included in all SunPath Vehicle Service Contracts.

SunPath Vehicle Service Contract Roadside Assistance

All SunPath Service Contracts come with Complimentary Roadside Assistance.

> Find out more about Complimentary Roadside Assistance included with SunPath Contracts.

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